10 Gift Ideas For Administrative Professionals' Day

We've compiled a list of our TOP 10 FAVORITE LOCAL GIFTS for Administrative Professionals. There is a day set aside every year and this year it so happens to be Wednesday, April 22. This is a day to truly show appreciation for the ones that make you look good to your fellow employees.

You know the person that remembered to make 30 copies of the presentation and put in your briefcase because you forgot. The one that remembered your boss is gluten-free and ordered a special entree for that dinner meeting. Oh and the person that just plain keeps your calendar straight so you never miss your child's sporting event, play, recital and the like. They are truly the unsung heroes at the office and usually get very little praise for holding it all together for you.

Well here's your chance to really make them shine and show everyone in the office how much they truly mean to you. Sometimes a "Thank You" is all they really need, but flowers, chocolates, balloons and a gift card are pretty nice too!

  1. Flowers . . We can't help it, but flowers are a great gift for any occasion. Science has proven they enhance our moods and that the sender of flowers enjoys them just as much as the recipient. HERE are a few of our favorites on our website.
  2. Restaurant Gift Cards . . This year is an especially GREAT time to support your local restaurant. Buying a gift card to send now allows for take out or a special night out when they open their dining rooms again. HERE is a great source for supporting some local restaurants in our area.
  3. A Night Out . . . There's nothing like a night out in which is prepaid. It makes is easy to just grab your family and go enjoy the time together. HERE is a link to our local AMC theater to purchase items online. We also love the food, fun and games in which Edison's Entertainment Complex offers and see their full offering HERE.
  4. Nail Salon Package . . . We all love to have great nails. Wherever it's a nice mani/pedi or a full acrylic set, having healthy, lovely nails is an instant confidence boost. HERE is a list of some of our favorite nail salons in our area.
  5. A Massage . . . Massages aren't a cure all, but man do they cure a lot! Stress relief, improve circulation, enhance quality of sleep, reduce fatigue and the list goes on and on. The health benefits are amazing and such a welcome escape if only for a little while. We love to support one of our local massage studios HERE.
  6. Plants . . . Indoor Green Plants, Outdoor Blooming, Succulents, Dish Gardens, we love them all! The air purifying benefits of plants make it hard to say no to this easy gift choice for your Admin Professional. HERE are a few great choices!
  7. A Tasty Treat . . Man I could go on for hours on this list. We have such great locally owned places. The CUP, A Little Taste of Heaven Bakery, Annies Frozen Custard, Glazy Squares Donuts, Source Juicery are just a few of our favorites!
  8. A Day Planner or Fun Journal . . . These are the people that LOVE to stay organized and giving them a new planner, journal or calendar is a fun way to keep it all together. Our local bookstore, Afterwords Books, would love to help you with finding just the right gift for them!
  9. An Enrichment Class . . . Maybe they love to paint, or want to learn to bake or sew . . . Whatever their interest, gifting them with a class to learn a new hobby or skill is sure to delight!
  10. An Extra Paid Day Off . . . I mean c'mon who couldn't use an extra day to catch up at home or simply to enjoy an extended weekend. It's a nice gesture that offers the freedom to use the day in a way in which they really need it.

In the end, shopping local and showcasing your admin's personality is our message. Gratitude is a powerful message to showcase any day of the year!

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