How To Make Funeral Flowers Personal

One of the most common questions we are asked as Florists is . . . "What can I send to a funeral?". This seems to open up a Pandora's Box of "What is appropriate?", "Is that Flower ok to send to a funeral?", and my personal favorite . . .

 "Will it look tacky?" Our customers always have the best intentions when asking these questions and obviously want to show their respect and appreciation for that person's life and legacy in a tasteful yet personalized way. Therefore, I want to start by saying you can ask your florist anything . . . well about flowers that is. We're not so good with neuroscience or robotics, but flowers, plants and gifts we have that covered! We're happy to answer your questions and make suggestions. So never feel like you can't ask us if something is appropriate or not. Also, custom requests and personalized tributes are the "bees knees." We LOVE doing those!

Now I will say that in my eyes, very little is considered taboo when it comes to Funeral Flowers. Sending a Sympathy Gift is about honoring that person in a very personal way. So if they were a farmer that loved to fish, there's nothing wrong with incorporating some wheat, cat tails and fish into that funeral piece. What if they loved to paint and sing? A painter's palette with brush and music notes on a ribbon can go a long way. In the end, less is definitely more. Picking one or two of their most memorable characteristics or hobbies allows you to show their personality without overdoing it. Below are some of our favorite personalized, sympathy pieces. We truly enjoy making these pieces and honoring a life well lived.

This person loved to Paint, Cook and Sew.

This Golf Statue is chipping his way right out of the flowers.

We're pretty serious about our sports around here. St. Louis Blues and Cardinals represented.

This one has a miniature model of the motorcycle he rode in a Harley Davidson Mason Jar.

We love personalizing our items with names, dates, and pictures.

A Gardener and Grill Master were honored with these tributes.

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