How to Order Funeral Flowers

How to order sympathy flowers from your local florist. In a time of sorrow, how do you express your sympathy? What type of flower arrangement do I order? How do I find a local florist to meet my needs? Read on to get all these answers and more in the wide world of funeral flowers.

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Experiencing a death of a loved one is never easy. There are so many emotions to process and tasks that need completed. It can be overwhelming to keep checking those items off your list. Ordering funeral flowers is another item on your endless list of responsibilities in this already tough time. Sometimes it is the first time a customer has ever had to order flowers to express their sympathy. We work very hard with our sympathy customers to help them navigate the range of sympathy options and guide them through the process. So where do you start? Here is a brief how to on ordering funeral flowers, but at that end of the day your local florist will be able to respectfully guide you through this process.

  • Find a reputable florist: Look for a florist that specializes in funeral arrangements and has experience in creating personalized floral tributes. When searching online, make sure they have a physical address near the service location and a local phone number to that area. This will prevent you falling for “order gatherers.” These are companies that act as a local florist, but are really just a call center. They take your order via phone or online and then try to find a local florist to fill the order. There are a lot of issues with these companies. The customer may have the order cancelled on them last minute if they cannot find a local florist to fill it. Also, many times they charge large service fees and then only give the local florist a small amount to fill the order. This leaves the customer with a much smaller arrangement and sometimes will look nothing like what they ordered. Best advice . . . Always work with local florist!

  • Discuss customization options: Talk to the local florist about personalizing the funeral flowers. You can discuss adding specific flowers or colors that hold significance to the deceased or their family. You may also want to include personalized messages or symbols in the arrangement. We can even incorporate gift items like wind chimes, angels, stones, music boxes and statues. This allows the family to have a keepsake after the beautiful flowers have faded.
  • Choose the type of arrangement: There are various types of funeral flower arrangements to choose from, such as casket sprays, standing easel sprays, wreaths, traditional containers, urn arrangementsbaskets and vases. Consider the preferences of the family and the overall theme or style of the funeral when making your selection. Your florist can help guide you in what piece fits you best based on your preferences and how you want it to be displayed.
  • Provide delivery details: Inform the florist about the location and time of the funeral or memorial service. Provide them with the address and any specific instructions for delivery, such as if the flowers should be delivered directly to the funeral home or to a specific family member. Your florist will double check service details with the obituary or funeral home directly to confirm delivery details.
  • Finalize your order: We will send you an order confirmation email with all the order and delivery details. You can always double check spelling and card message to make sure it is exactly how you want it displayed. It doesn’t differ if you place your order via phone, in person or directly on our website. You will always receive an order confirmation email with all order details. We even send you a delivery confirmation email once delivered. This email contains date/time/place delivery occurred and includes a picture of your actual arrangement. It’s a very comforting touch to customers especially when they can’t attend a service in person.

Remember, it's important to order personalized funeral flowers well in advance to allow the florist enough time to create the arrangement and ensure timely delivery for the service. We always appreciate as much notice as possible to create your perfect tribute.