Rose Color . . . What Does It All Mean?

We're often asked about the colors of roses and their meanings from our customers. As the years have passed, the symbolism has become less and less important. Instead, it's more about what they represent to the recipient from the giver. If your Mom always grew yellow roses in her garden, then sending yellow roses will have much sentiment to her.

 In the end, it's about the meaning behind the flower given and not the traditional color meaning. Nonetheless, there are some traditional meanings behind rose colors and we'd like to share those with you.

  • White Roses – White is a symbol of purity, innocence and reverence. This is a popular rose color for weddings, so it is now associated with new beginnings and young love.
  • Red Roses – Red is a symbol of love, courage, passion, and respect. Red roses are the most commonly given color amongst all rose colors.
  • Pink Roses – Pink is a symbol of happiness, romance, sweetness and admiration. We often see pink roses given when a couple is newly dating and not quite ready to use the “L” word yet.
  • Yellow Roses – Yellow is a symbol of friendship, caring and joy. It is just the happiest of rose colors because yellow just sparks pure joy!
  • Orange Roses – Orange is a symbol of energy, enthusiasm and desire. It is a beautiful color for fall arrangements in keeping with the warm autumn palette.
  • Lavender Roses – Lavender is a symbol of enchantment, wonder, mystery and royalty. Lavender roses tend to be a little under rated in my opinion. They come in a large range of shades and each is unique and beautiful in their own way.

No matter the color, roses are always a lovely flower to choose. They are beautiful in mixed arrangements, dozen rose vases, wedding bouquets, sympathy designs, or in a single bud vase. Their color selections are endless and each has a unique petal count and shape. As designers, we always love roses and hope you do too!