What We Want You To Know About Flower Delivery

So it’s probably no secret . . . we love flowers. We love selling flowers, talking flowers, designing flowers and delivering flowers. We decided to focus a little on the flower delivery aspect for this article. It’s one of the facets of our industry that is a little mysterious. You order, we design and then magically they arrive in perfect condition to your recipient. So let’s talk about what we really want our floral customers to know.

*We offer same day flower delivery – Yes, you can order up until Noon on our website and we will guarantee same day delivery. We work hard to quickly process our orders, design them and get them to your recipient in the fastest way possible. That being said, ordering same day does open us up to need more substitutions on the flowers in your arrangement. We work so VERY hard to minimize all substitutions, but our fresh flower cooler is only so big. We can’t keep all varieties in all colors all the time.

*We wish you didn’t always use our same day flower delivery – See point #1. Yes, we offer this service, but giving us 24hours does allow for less or no substitutions. We get fresh flower deliveries several times a week. We can add specific flowers/colors to those deliveries when we have orders for those flowers. We understand that last minute floral emergencies arise and we’re here for you! We also know those of you that always call us the morning of your Anniversary, Mom’s Birthday, and Valentine’s Day only to tell us it’s an emergency. Yes we know you by name J

*Multiple flower deliveries go on one trip – To make our hand-delivery model efficient, we must put multiple orders in our van at one time. With that being said, it is extremely hard to tell our customers exactly what time the flowers will be delivered. Also, timed deliveries like funerals, business operating hours, and weddings have to come first. Our deliver drivers are very efficient at their jobs and we can always guarantee a before or after time, but not an exact (like 10:00am) delivery time.

*Our delivery process includes so much more than just delivering flowers – We offer a lot of email updates to our customers and even a picture of the exact gift delivered to their recipient. Therefore, our delivery drivers do so much more than put flowers in a van and hand them to recipients. We route them in the flower shop for the most efficient trip by verifying all addresses and this is downloaded into an app on their phone. They look at each delivery and get that item to our picture station. Then they take a picture of each item and load to the vehicle. Once delivered, the picture and delivery details are added to the app and an email confirming delivery is sent to the customer. Pretty neat right?

*We are only offering no contact delivery – In the time of COVID, we are learning a new way to deliver. To our customers and employees safe, we are limiting contact by not requiring a signature to accept the order. Therefore, items are left on porches/doorsteps at residences and we ring doorbells and wait for someone to come out and get them. If they do not, then we call on the number the customer provided to us. So very important we have that phone number. For businesses, they are being left at the main reception desks.

*It’s still OK to tip a delivery driver – Again COVID has really put a wrench in this issue. Delivery drivers always appreciate, but don’t expect tips. COVID has made this harder and harder for all delivery drivers because a lot of recipients like to tip in cash and having No Contact is making this difficult. We offer the option for customers to leave a tip on our website, phone, and in store orders. These are never, ever expected, but sure appreciated.

So as we continue to navigate our new “normal”, you can always guarantee we will be here to offer beautiful flower delivery in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Troy, Granite City, Collinsville and the surrounding communities. So what can we deliver for you?